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Communiqué de presse

Embargoed until 0001 HRS GMT Wednesday 25 June 2003

UNICEF UK releases child trafficking film with Robbie Williams

UNICEF UK is releasing a hard-hitting film featuring Robbie Williams to highlight the horrors of child trafficking as part of UNICEF UK's End Child Exploitation campaign.

Robbie describes the three minute film - More Precious Than Gold - as "short, but definitely not sweet".

He presents the film and narrates a moving poem by Simon Armitage which describes the buying and selling of young children for sex work, as if they were a crop of exotic fruit. The film provides a chilling insight into the organised crime of child trafficking.

More Precious Than Gold was directed by Brian Hill and will be shown at Robbie's UK and European concerts this summer and on his website ( ).

Robbie Williams said: "Every year, over a million children are trafficked, transported across borders and exploited on their arrival. UNICEF wants to end child exploitation and are tackling the problem at source, but we need your help. I sincerely hope that you join UNICEF's campaign to end child exploitation."

David Bull, Director of UNICEF UK, said: "Child trafficking destroys the lives of children. Robbie's support will help UNICEF to raise public awareness about this child rights abuse and bring it to an end."

Child trafficking involves the transportation and exploitation of unwilling victims, often for sex work or hazardous labour. Children and their families are most of the time unaware of the real fate the victims are awaiting, and promises about education and a better future are never kept.

Thousands of children are believed to be trafficked to the UK every year, mainly from West Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia. UNICEF is urging the UK Government to introduce legislation to provide specialist care and protection for victims of trafficking, including safe houses across the country, counselling and education.

More Precious Than Gold can be viewed on UNICEF's End Child Exploitation campaign website at from Wednesday 25 June 2003.

The satellite music channel MTV will be showing Robbie's film several times a day during the summer on MTV and VH1.


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