La vitrine 100% Robbie Williams


1.Magical Mystery Tour
[feat. Eddie Vedder] 2:34     
2.Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
[feat. P!nk] 3:44     
3.All You Need Is Love 3:10     
4.Blackbird [feat. Sia] 2:31     
5.Good Day Sunshine
[feat. Robbie Williams] 1:58     
6.Sgt. Pepper's
Lonely Hearts Club Band
[feat. Rod Stewart] 2:35     
7.Hey Bulldog
[feat. James Bay] 3:15     
8.And Your Bird Can Sing
[feat. Regina Spektor] 2:28     
9. Honey Pie
[feat. Wesley Schultz] 1:59     
10.I'm A Loser
[feat. James Corden] 2:44     
11.The Word [feat. The Shins] 2:36     
12.Drive My Car
[feat. Chris Cornell] 2:27     
13.I'm Happy Just To Dance With You
[feat. Tori Kelly] 2:20     
14.Rain [feat. Aloe Blacc] 3:13     
15.In My Life [feat. Frances] 2:25     
16.Eleanor Rigby
[feat. Of Monsters And Men] 2:25     
17.I'll Follow The Sun
[feat. Jennifer Hudson] 2:10     
18.Come Together 3:20     
19.Birthday 2:41     
20.Across The Universe 4:26     
21.Yellow Submarine 2:40

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Robbie chante le titre "Good Day Sunshine"


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