The Legendary
Slane Castle Concert,
August 1999

1.Intro (Ainsi Parlait Zarathustra)
2.Let Met Entertain You
4.Phoenix From The Flames
6.Should I Stay Or Should I Go

Short Cuts

1.Brit Awards 98 -
I've Been Nicking
Your Moves
2.Was It Bad Last Night
3.I Wouldn`t Normally Do
This Kind Of Thing -
I Haven't Ever Thought -
Good Just One Last Song
4.It Ain't Half Hot Mum -
I'm A Big
Shepherd's Pie Eater
5.I Hate Today -
Everyone In America
Mistakes Me For
Robin Williams
6.Reach Out And Touch Me
7.You've Missed
Loads Of Mischief
8.Making Of Let Me
Entertain You -
Trixie Farrell
9.Let Them Calm Down First
10.Making Of Everyman TV Ad -
I Came To A Beach In Malibu
And Put Plastic Breasts On
11.Everyman Testicular
Cancer Campaign

Sing When You're
Winning (Making Of)

Rock DJ (Video)

Dance With The Devil Video

Surprises Videos
(14 vidéos)

Making Of Rock DJ
(21 vidéos)

Slane Castle Rehearsals

End Credits

MTV Movie Awards 1999
(Vidéo sans son)

DVD-Rom Section
(Wallpapers, Icones, Sons)

Where Egos Dare (DVD)

Where Egos Dare (DVD)


  • Date de sortie : 13/11/2000
  • Nbre de DVD : 1
  • Durée : 170 minutes
  • Langue : Anglais
  • Sous-Titres : Anglais
  • Classification : 15 (Suitable only for persons of 15 years and over)
  • Zone : Zone 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
  • Format Audio : Dolby Digital Stereo
  • Artwork : Tom Hingston Studio
  • Photos : Diane Scrimgeour
  • Réf. Catalogue : 4924309
  • Code Barre : 7243 4924309 5
  • Pays : Europe

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